Balance Your Work & Life, Makeover Your Me-Time & Relationships – With Ease & Grace

Stop wasting time doing things you don't love when you know that your life can be more.

Discover the 4-part Feminine Success® Framework to bring more balance to your work life, ease to your home life, and harmony to your relationshipswhile mastering more me-time.




Stop wasting time mastering your mess (you and I both know that you're over it).

It's time to reconnect with what you deeply desire and step into your well-loved, well-supported life! 

Let's be honest. You got the life you really wanted – it just doesn't feel like you thought it would.

If "I grind till I own it" was a woman – it'd be you.

But being the strong, responsible, one-everyone-can-count-on is exhaustingespecially when you're sacrificing your real dreams (like work, love, and self care that makes you come alive) to play it "safe".

​You know that's not who you really are – but somewhere along the way you lost touch with who you really are and bought into the "dream" society sells women – hook, line, and sinker.


No, you're not all over the place, and you're far from a hot mess – but you're for sure not living out your full potential and you're over trying to Youtube your way to being the best version of yourself – in every area.

You're ready to feel clear, confident, and in the flow in the work you're doing, the life you're choosing, and the relationships you're nurturing.

​Well, the search is over. The Feminine Success® Framework is the blueprint you've been looking for.


The step-by-step framework to Decode the Matrix of Womanhood & THRIVE at home, at work, & in love.

In this powerful 5-day training you will discover:

Module 1

Mastering Your Feminine Mindset

We start by building a solid foundational understanding of the power and value of inner feminine/masculine harmony, while unraveling limiting beliefs, outdated mindsets, and discovering how to

  • Be clear and confident in mapping and expressing your biggest vision for your best life 

  • Reconnect with your authentic desires and core values to have more joy, peace, and fulfillment from the inside out 

  • Hone, heal, and hear your own voice so that you can communicate your needs and wants clearly to bring your success full circle

Module 2

Well Prepared Home Life Systems

Step into home life systems designed to bring harmony, improve communication, and cultivate teamwork. Module 2 will help you 

  • Set up flexible home life structures that support you through single life, partnership, and well into family life

  • Identify current threats and challenges and map out a customized approach that addresses your unique home life needs 

  • Discover the power of a SWOT analysis in your home and how to nurture a team culture that gets everyone helping out, pitching in, and appreciating the home environment

Module 3

Well Paid & Purposeful Personal Branding

You're an expert at what you do – but are you being paid like it? Are you working harder than an intern when you know that you could be working smarter? In Module 3 I walk you through exactly how to

  • Reframe your beliefs around work so that you can clearly see and communicate your value in the marketplace

  • Position your expertise as a high-level solution to become the obvious choice in your industry, regardless of price point 

  • Package and present your purpose work without hustling, grinding, or being fake or working with the wrong clients

Module 4

Well Loved Woman: Relationship ABC's

Whether you've been married 30 years and need to breathe new life, or you've just started dating after a long drought, or you're way too guarded and want to trust again – Module 4 will walk you through

  • Communication secrets to hold relationship partners (romantic and otherwise) accountable without it feeling like an attack

  • The proper technique to establish boundaries that you can keep  

  • Strategies to secure deeper connection, fix broken trust, and support long term, repeatable success    

Hi, I'm Yahya! Your Feminine Success Coach

I'm also a mom of 4, wife, and business woman who knows and shows exactly what it takes to:

  • Clarify the road back to the real you

    Making the right decisions at the right time takes clarity, confidence, and authentic connection with who you really are deep down.

  • Map out the blueprint to your best life

    Building your best life isn't a fairy tale, but it also doesn't just fall into your lap. Simplify the process with solid systems, a practical game plan, and a sharpened tool kit.

  • Use feminine skills to succeed from marketplace to marriage & more

    Applying the power of femininity to your life – from your me-time to motherhood to the marketplace – is the secret of fulfilled & flourishing women. Develop & balance both of your sides to thrive without the grind.


​​$997 One-Time Investment

The first day of the Masterclass has been worth every penny!!! I've gotten so much knowledge and clarity around issues that I've carried around for years!


Today has been amazing and so refreshing to my spirit. Not only did I learn a lot, but I also got the tools I need to implement [the] changes I need to make.


I'm so excited to be a part of this community!!!! I'm beyond excited for the next few days.

Amanda Collins

Registered Nurse

Day 1 has been so electrifying and I'm so excited for the next days to come. I've never been a part of this kind of community of amazing women and I feel super blessed.

The questions were so in harmony that I didn't have to ask a question – then Yahya has the nerve to give us two bonus classes.

She is truly an over deliverer! I am learning so much about myself.

Kim Robertson

Smoking Cessation Coach, Mother

I don't know what it is Yahya Smith but you are always on time with your knowledge and teachings.

Although I have learned and started practicing a lot of the thought life work. However right now it feels like I need a total reset and this masterclass is just that and so much more.

Everything has been so valuable. I truly cannot stop expressing how much I appreciate you.


Natalie Jeanty

Wife Coach & Mother

Listening to the...bonus content has given me a brand new set of questions to ask myself as well as shed light on how much deeper there is to go about communication with myself and others about what I REALLY want. Whew!!

I have taken away so much already and the masterclass hasn't even begun yet.

Thank you Yahya 

Eden Roseborough


It's been SOOOOOOO good!! It's like my boyfriend knew to leave me before this because he wouldn't be able to handle the woman I would become after it!

Katie Hanna

Herbal Wellness Entrepreneur, Mother

[Since the masterclass] My 7 month old has been consistently asleep by 830 pm until around 7 am.

Consistency with his feeding, bathing, story time and bedtime has helped him adapt to his schedule and made it easier for me to loosely structure my day and ensure an hour of me time daily.

Changing my environment and utilizing the help available has helped make this possible as well.

Zeruiah Israel

Mother, Homemaker

[2 weeks since the Masterclass] My website is 60% complete, my boundaries are effective regarding work. I reduced my stress. And hired a housekeeper.

Alana Griffin

Youth Success Strategist

Wow! A whole month has passed. Time is on the move and so is my progress.

The masterclass has been such a pleasant ignitor to the shifts I'm making and I love it!...

The 'well managed home systems' module was so edifying! I'm fine tuning my family mission statement and systems and my whole family is on board for the upgrades.

I'm so glad this opportunity came and I grabbed it without hesitation.


It's the Feminine Success for me.

Thriving being fully me compassionately, unapologetically, intentionally. Thank you! 

Jessica George 

Birth Educator, Mother

I can't believe it's been a whole month already... I've been implementing everything I learned in the masterclass. From Mastering Mindset to Sustaining Soft Power.

I learned so many systems that I was able to implement and see results immediately. My home is finally in harmony from the "Well Managed Home Systems" class.

I watched Yahya free lives for 3 years and the only thing I regret is not investing sooner.

Kim Robertson

Smoking Cessation Coaching, Mother


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